Project Mapping



A third year live-action video projection team-project. We created scenes based around elements of W.b. Yeats Poem, The Stolen Child and created a miniature to scale size of a real wall in Clonmel co. Tipperary that has 3 arches. We made this "to scale" so that if we got the permissions in the future to project our video on to the wall that it would fit to the exact size. We decided for the Video projection to use the arches in some scenes and to avoid them in others. The poem itself seems rather dark about a girl escaping to this fairy world to get away from everyday life but we tried to evoke a brighter and more positive vibe.

Created by: Stephanie O' Brien, Jennifer Hayworth and Kevin Maloney
Completed: Jan-March 2017
Skills: Video-Projection/ Model design/ Building/ Green-Screen/ Video/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ After Effects